SoloFlame’s renowned fire-pits range in size from 500mm to 1070mm in diameter.

Manufactured from 3-5mm local SA steel, the thicker steel material helps to ensure that heat radiates through the fire-pit material at the base to keep guests warm and toasty from head to toe.

Once our fire-pits get their natural, rich rust patina, they should last for more than a decade (or even more!).

(Any customer requesting larger products – i.e. bigger than 1070 diameter – will need to order these as specific requests, because these products are not part of SoloFlame’s standard range.)

Here is a list of SoloFlame’s fire designs and creations

Firepits (including exciting accessories to choose and select)

  • Fire-pits
  • Fire-bowls
  • Fire-balls
  • Giant Fire-dishes
  • Fire-globes
  • Fire-boxes with laser designs
  • Other requests can be made to order

SoloFlame’s Safety Accessory

  • The Fire-MAN unit

Complementary / additional products

  • Firelighters
  • Cast iron potjie pot salt and pepper shakers
  • Small potjie pots with options to include your very own branding on the lid
  • Cast iron loaf pan – breadmaking oven